Lonely Devil Calculator

Please read the information section at the end of page before using this calculator!

Daily free AP
Daily free battles
Already cleared today's free battles?

You can get a total of {{ fnum(currentPts + getFreePoints()) }} points for free.

An additional {{ fnum(Math.max(getPointsNeeded() - getFreePoints(), 0)) }} points is needed to reach your goal.


無料{{ fnum(getTotalFreeAP()) }}
有料{{ fnum(getTotalPaidAP()) }}

Total{{ fnum(getAPNeeded()) }}


無料{{ fnum(getTotalFreeBattles()) }}
有料{{ fnum(getTotalPaidBattles()) }}

Total{{ fnum(getBattlesNeeded()) }}

Devil Points

AP{{ fnum(getAPCost(getTotalPaidAP())) }}
挑戦回数{{ fnum(getBattleCost(getTotalPaidBattles())) }}

Total{{ fnum(getAPCost(getTotalPaidAP()) + getBattleCost(getTotalPaidBattles())) }}

Today's goal

{{ fnum(currentPts + getPointsNeeded() / Math.max(resetsLeft, 1)) }}


無料{{ fnum(Math.min(getDailyAPNeeded(), dailyFreeAP)) }}
有料{{ fnum(getDailyPaidAP()) }}

Total{{ fnum(getDailyAPNeeded()) }}


無料{{ fnum(dailyFreeBattles) }}
有料{{ fnum(getDailyPaidBattles()) }}

Total{{ fnum(dailyFreeBattles + getDailyPaidBattles()) }}

Devil Points

AP{{ fnum(getAPCost(getDailyPaidAP())) }}
Battles{{ fnum(getBattleCost(getDailyPaidBattles())) }}

Total{{ fnum(getAPCost(getDailyPaidAP()) + getBattleCost(getDailyPaidBattles())) }}

This calculator is intended for lonely devil and birthday revival. For current pop quiz, please use this calculator for best result.

Days left

How it works:

  • Each lonely devil tour will last 4 days, 5 resets.
  • However, if you started the lonely devil tour right on JST 00:00, then you will only get 4 resets.

How to determine days left:

  • The game will tell you how many days left you have until the lonely devil pop quiz ends. On the last day it only says how many hours left, put 0 as days left.
  • Due to timezone difference, this calculator may be off by one day.